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Scuba Diving in Daytona Beach, FL

Florida Dive Company offers exciting scuba diving tours for certified divers in Daytona Beach, FL. You will go out with a certified diver or divemaster and explore the fantastic underworld and abundant sea life with our exciting guided salt water scuba diving, wreck diving, and scuba diving charters.

Saltwater Scuba Diving

You will have an opportunity to explore the underwater treasures, reefs, and colorful tropical fish that lie below the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a sight that only certified divers will get to see. You will go out on a USCG certified boat that will take you to the desired scuba spot for an adventurous day of scuba diving. With so much to see, you are destined to see something new on every trip.

Wreck Diving

With its proximity to the Bermuda Triangle, the Atlantic Ocean and Ponce Inlet have some fascinating ship that sunk around Daytona Beach many decades ago. We’ll take you on a guided tour where you will get a close-up look at some of the infamous shipwrecks, like the USS Mindanao, the Donald G. McAlister, and Lady Philomena, for example, that lie between 60-feet to 80-feet below the surface.

Scuba Diving Charters

We’ll hook you up with a locally certified boat charter that will take your group on a private scuba diving charter exploring the local waters around Daytona Beach. Enjoy a private guided scuba diving tour of the fascinating reefs, mysterious shipwrecks, and exploring the habitats of our amazing sea creatures like the elusive manatee and sea turtles.

Learn to Scuba Dive

Do you want to experience our amazing scuba diving tours, but you aren’t a certified diver? We offer scuba diving lessons for clients in DeBary, DeLand, Orange City, Lake Helen, and the other surrounding Volusia County, FL areas. Learn to scuba dive and earn your diving certificate in a few lessons. Then you will have the skills you need to experience scuba diving with a certified instructor or divemaster. You can even continue your scuba diving lessons to earn your professional diving credentials.

Visit our website or contact Florida Dive Company at 386-663-8030 to go scuba diving in Daytona Beach, FL today!