Specialty Certifications

Experience alone isn’t enough to make you a better diver. While you can learn a lot from different kinds of diving experiences, its not a substitute for formally acquiring the knowledge, skills and training under a dive professional which will enable you to be aware of certain limitations or to use more effective techniques. For example, someone who hasn’t taken their diving education beyond the open water level might be unfamiliar with different finning techniques, ways of navigating underwater, or assisting a diver in distress.

While it is imperative to always dive within your comfort zone, it is unlikely that you will develop the kind of skills you require as a more seasoned diver if you never push yourself a bit further by seeking additional training under a dive professional. Relying on one’s experience alone in such cases can result in potentially fatal consequences.

The easiest way of expanding your knowledge as a diver is to enroll into continuing education courses or different disciplines of diving. From brief specialty courses to ones that introduce you to new kinds of diving or styles. 

We are happy to discuss your scuba journey and recommend a course that best fits your goals! Happy Bubbles! 

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