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Explore the breathtaking underwater wonders, where natural springs and enchanting sinkholes boast crystal-clear waters, inviting year-round diving experiences. Immerse yourself in the diverse freshwater aquatic life and enjoy a variety of freshwater species, including Catfish, Bass, Brim, Gar, Turtles, and Manatees (wildlife sightings are not guaranteed). Our dedicated Dive Guides are poised to lead you through these captivating sites, ensuring an unforgettable adventure.

Embark on certified diver-exclusive guided tours, expertly led by our experienced Dive Guides. Dive into the depths with confidence, knowing you are in the hands of seasoned professionals who are passionate about showcasing the beauty of our underwater landscapes.

New to scuba diving? Dive into the magic beneath the waves with our scuba experiences tailored for beginners—no certification or prior experience required. These specially crafted scuba adventures are perfect for those seeking a unique opportunity to witness the enchanting world below the surface. Join us for an unforgettable journey into the depths, where every dive promises a one-of-a-kind experience.

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Alexander Springs

49525 County Rd 445, Altoona, FL 32702
(352) 669-3522

Website: fs.usda.gov

Alexander Springs Recreation Area is located in the Ocala National Forest near the beautiful, turquoise waters of Alexander Springs. With forested scenery and abundant water, the recreation area offers camping, swimming, canoeing, scuba diving (for certified divers), hiking, birding and wildlife viewing.

The Ocala National Forest, located in north central Florida, spans four counties and 383,000 acres. It is the southernmost and oldest national forest east of the Mississippi River, and protects the world’s largest contiguous sand pine scrub forest.



Blue Grotto

3852 NE 172 Ct. Williston, FL 32696
(352) 528-5770

Website: www.divebluegrotto.com

Blue Grotto is a not a spring but a sinkhole with excellent visibility year-round. This dive resort has many commodities like Rest Rooms, Showers, Covered Pavilions, Overnight Cabin Rental, Gear Rental and Air Fills.

This sink hole has a max depth of 100ft. In addition, an air bell at can be found at roughly 30ft as well as lights that illuminate the upper cavern. This place is also home to the resident soft-shell turtle named Virgil. This beautiful scenery and large property never disappoints.


Devil's Den

5390 NE 180th Ave Williston, FL 32696
(352) 528-3344

Website: www.devilsden.com

Devil’s Den Spring is a certified scuba diving training center. Open to Open water divers or above. Snorkeling is allowed, however maybe limited entry depending season.

Devils Den is one of North America’s most prehistoric places. This location is quite unique as it is an underground spring inside a dry cave. This location has been home to many extinct animal fossils dating back to the Pleistocene Age. Max Depth is 54 feet with a constant water temperature of 72. This inverted mushroom shape below the surface is quit the experience and makes for an easy non-technical dive.


Paradise Springs

4040 SE 84th Lane Road Ocala, FL 34480
(352) 368-5746


No swimmers or snorkelers are allowed. Please contact Paradise Springs and review all rules and regulations before you arrive. Cavern Certification Required. 

Hands down one FDC Favorite Springs locations. Beautiful scenery with cut out rock steps that lead you down to a wooden landing that overlooks the blue water of the cavern opening.

The prehistoric fossils that are sealed in the limestone rock are clearly visible as you make your way through this large cavern. Take your time as there are many things to see on this dive. A large fixed guideline and clear site of the cavern opening is visible to the diver which makes this location accessible for most divers. Clear water with a 72 Degree constant water temperature makes Paradise Springs a year-round diving destination.