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Saltwater Diving Adventure Guides

Our saltwater diving adventure guides will lead you through some of the most fascinating reefs and shipwrecks along the coast of Florida. These adventure guided tours are designed for certified divers and they are led by a Dive Master. If you live in Daytona Beach, DeBary, DeLand, Lake Helen, Orange City, New Smyrna Beach, Port Orange or any other surrounding Volusia County, FL community give us a call at 386-663-8030 today!

A Few or our favorite Pompano Reefs:

Lighthouse Ledge

Lighthouse ledge is part of the third reef tier. It is located less than a mile from the Hillsboro Inlet. This reef is very popular due to its close location. It is a very colorful reef with 1000’s of topicals, hard & soft corals and an occasional turtle.


The Sanctuary is located North of the Hillsboro Inlet and East of Opal Towers on the second reef line. The top of the sanctuary is 35′ and reaches 55′ to the East. This reef is a beautiful section and is very different than most of the other reefs in that it has two distinct ledges that meet. So, named for its vast amount of life, the sanctuary is home to 1000’s of critters big and small.

A few of our favorite Pompano Wrecks:

Captain Dan

This 175ft long Ex USCG buoy tender was sunk as an artificial Reef on February 20th, 1990. She lies in about 110ft if water in a North/South Directions. Captain Dan is in an upright position and can be easily penetrated. Visibility on the Dan is Generally very good with an average of 60ft and is susceptible to moderate to strong currents. The Captain Dan is of the areas Most Popular Wrecks.

Captain Dan

Donald G. Mcallister

Donald G. Mcallister

McAllister is a tug boat sitting up right at 70 feet and the tip is 50 feet, it is in good condition and have some penetration. This wreck is close to other wrecks that was sunk as part of Broward County Artificial Reef Program. Other Wrecks close by are “Captain Dede” a concrete ragboat and the “Emma Boggs” an LCM vessel both within swimming distance. In addition, “Curry Barge” is about 280 yards NE of the Emma Boggs with good navigation skills and breathing Nitrox is possible to see all.

A few of our favorite Ponce Inlet Wrecks:

The USS Mindanao

The USS Mindanao was converted from the “Liberty” ship Elbert Hubbard while under construction at Baltimore, Maryland. Commissioned in November 1943, she was soon assigned to the South Pacific to support the Navy’s wartime operating forces. She was finally withdrawn 12 March 1980, to become part of Florida’s artificial reef program.

The wreck suffered damage during the 1995 winter storms and the bow is now separated from the hull. Her main deck is 60 ft. below the surface and lies in a general North/South direction. The superstructure was removed before the sinking. It is an impressive dive, and a favorite spearfishing destination. She currently rests in 80 ft of water and is located approximately 11 miles out of Ponce Inlet.

The USS Mindanao

Lady Philomena

She is a 150-foot steel vessel that was donated to the county for reefing by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection service after having been seized with contraband in the Miami River. She rests in about 80 ft of water on the county’s reef site 12

A few of our favorite West Palm Reefs:

Juno Ledge

This Ledge is known for its dramatic profile, Juno Ledge offers divers a glimpse at schooling gamefish, goliath grouper, moray eels, and soft corals associated with Palm Beach County’s deeper reefs. This ledge starts at 68-feet on top of the reef and extends 20-feet down to the sand to a depth of 92-feet.

Breaker’s Reef

This spectacular coral reef ecosystem offers divers miles of continuous ledges, undercuts, crevices, and patch reefs to explore at depths ranging from 42 to 60-feet. Located directly offshore of the Breaker’s Hotel and continuing south, you drift effortlessly past hundreds of species of marine life including soft and hard corals, angelfish, parrotfish, rays, eels, sea turtles, and loads of macro life. Great idea to bring your Fish Identification slates and books for these dives!

Paul’s Reef

Paul’s Reef is completely different from other South Florida reefs and a favorite among divers. Paul’s Reef offers incredible diversity regardless of your interest. You can find a variety of soft and hard corals, massive sponges, macro life, brilliant tropical fish and rays. The northern portion of this dive site, you will find a series of jumps as the ledge curves inshore. At a depth of 45 to 56-feet, this is an outstanding site to explore and offers very different structure from most other reef sites.

A few of our favorite West Palm Wrecks:

Princess Anne

Princess Anne is a 350ft car ferry used to carry over 200 passengers and cars over the Chesapeake Bay. Sunk in the early 1990’s, this wreck sits in 100-110 feet of water with a strong current. Florida’s last few hurricanes broke apart some of the superstructure on the Princess Anne, but there’s still an amazing reef just north of the wreck that makes this site a must-see.

The Danny

Welcome to Palm Beach Counties newest artificial reef. This 130ft ice class tug sits in 85ft of water and is forever known as the Danny McCauley Memorial Reef. This wreck memorializes the life of a local teen and is already a local favorite. The Danny sunk February 22nd, 2013 just north of the Lake Worth Inlet due to the combined efforts of the McCauley Family, Palm Beach County Diving Association, and Palm Beach County Artificial Reef Program.