Bigblue Multi-Color Rainbow Marker Light

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Multi-Color Rainbow Marker LightSKU: EASY CLIP RC

Bigger, brighter, stronger and more color options for 2018, this light is our version of a multi-color marker light. Low-light output so it is not distracting but bright enough to be seen by other divers. This light easily clips on to mask straps, belts, and many other locations. Colors included in a single unit: Red, Green, Blue, Purple, Orange, and Yellow.

They all have a flash mode as well. Powered by two standard CR2032 coin cell batteries, and the Easy Clip can last up to 24 hours. A lanyard is included to keep it attached to your equipment.


Product Specifications

Package Weight 1 lbs
Maximum Depth

100 Meters Tested


OUTER: 415 x 335 x 120mm; INNER: 388 x 272 x 108mm