Dive Weights (non coated) Loop Through

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Dive confidently into the depths with our environmentally conscious Dive Weights featuring a convenient loop-through lace design. Crafted with care, these weights are hand-poured, cleaned, stamped, and uniquely curved to fit your body shape, using 100% recycled lead. This makes them a responsible choice for both seasoned divers and those just beginning their underwater adventures.

Key Features:

Loop-Through Lace for Hassle-Free Attachment:

Our Dive Weights are thoughtfully designed with a loop-through lace system, allowing for easy and secure attachment to your dive belt or harness. The small compact design is also desirable for Integrated weight pockets for BCDs.

 Curved to Fit Your Body:

We understand that comfort is crucial during extended dives. Our Dive Weights are curved to conform to your body, providing an ergonomic and snug fit that minimizes sharp edges and enhances your overall diving experience.

 Hand-Poured Craftsmanship:

Each dive weight is hand crafted and poured. Made from 100% recycled lead, reducing the demand for newly mined resources, and helping to minimize the environmental impact associated with lead production.

Sold as individual weights.