HOG 60lb 360 Bungee Wing

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The new HOG 60lb All Black 360 Bungee Wing has the same great design from the 23 lb and 32 lb 360 bungee wing and is designed with performance and durability in mind but also affordability and reliable. The 360-degree wing shape provides ideal body positioning without the worry of air trapping commonly associated with horseshoe-shaped wings. Diving doubles and stage bottles can be done and also able to provide neutral and positive buoyancy while still being balanced and stabilized with a great amount of heavy gear for proper trim while diving by keeping a volume of inflation on the top, sides, and bottom. The Gusset is resilient and rugged to avoid the “taco” effect. This promotes effective streamlining and distributes air throughout the torso area to support the weight of the tanks for superior balance and buoyancy.

Lift: 60 lbs. (27.2 kg) buoyancy, 360-degree circular wing design
Made out of Black 840 Denier Cordura Nylon protective outer covering
Replaceable 420 Hi-tenacity denier TPU coated inner air bladder
18" inch / 46cm rubber corrugated hose
28" inch / 71.12 cm low-pressure rubber Inflator hose
3 sets of 11 inch on center mounting holes
Low profile classic pull dump - located on left inside hip
Replaceable 420 Hi-tenacity denier TPU coated inner air bladder
Includes Bungee Loops