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Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Blades

A New Era of Diving Precision and Power
The Tusa Hyflex System Switch Pro Blades represent a significant leap forward in diving fin technology, offering seasoned divers a level of performance previously unattainable. With a design that's 20% stiffer than the standard Hyflex blades, the Switch Pro Blades cater to both professional and advanced divers seeking to maximize their underwater efficiency and power. These blades integrate flawlessly with the existing Tusa Hyflex fin system, making them an ideal upgrade for users of Hyflex Vesna or Switch models who are in pursuit of a more formidable kick.

Versatility Meets Advanced Engineering
Compatibility and versatility lie at the heart of the Switch Pro Blades. Designed to be interchangeable, they allow divers to customize their setup according to the specific demands of each dive. This adaptability, combined with a stiffer blade compound, enhances propulsion and maneuverability, allowing divers to cut through water with unprecedented ease and precision.

Tusa Hyflex Switch Pro Blades Features

  • 20% stiffer compound for enhanced propulsion
  • Designed for professional and advanced divers
  • Compatible with Tusa Hyflex fin system
  • Easy replacement for Hyflex Vesna or Switch blades
  • Offers powerful kick with less effort
  • Increases maneuverability and control
  • Perfect for challenging diving conditions
  • Made with durable high-quality materials
  • Improves overall diving performance
  • Tailored for precision and power in every dive