HyFlex System Tri-Force *Blade Set Only*

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TUSA Hyflex Tri-Force Blades

Maximize Your Underwater Potential
Elevate your diving experience with the cutting-edge Tusa Hyflex System Tri-Force Blades, the ultimate choice for divers who demand the best in power, precision, and performance. The Tri-Force Blades are a technological marvel, offering unmatched propulsion and agility for an effortless diving experience. Made with Tusa's innovative materials and design, they promise both the thrill of speed and the assurance of control.

Tusa Hyflex Tri-Force Blades Features

  • Tri-Force technology enhances blade strength
  • Optimized propulsion for powerful thrusts
  • Ergonomic foot pocket ensures supreme comfort
  • Energy-saving efficiency reduces fatigue
  • Streamlined performance in all dive conditions
  • Vented blade design for reduced drag
  • Lightweight composition for easy transport
  • Multi-purpose use from snorkeling to deep diving