HyFlex System Zoom *Blade Set Only*

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About Tusa Hyflex Zoom Blades

Cut Through the Water
Elevate your dive with the Tusa Hyflex Zoom Blades, featuring advanced six-gill design for extraordinary propulsion. These blades are crafted for efficiency, harnessing split fin technology to channel water smoothly and reduce drag. The Angled Blade Design is meticulously aligned with your natural kicking motions, providing you with a powerful yet effortless thrust.

Master the Depths with High-Performance Blades
Experience the underwater world like never before with the Tusa Hyflex Zoom Blades, designed for divers who prioritize speed, agility, and precision. The state-of-the-art Propeller Technology incorporated into these blades offers a significant boost in propulsion, pushing you forward with less effort.

Tusa Hyflex Zoom Blades Features

  • Six-Gill blade dynamics for unparalleled propulsion
  • Advanced split blades design for smooth water channeling
  • Precision Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.) for efficient kicking
  • Propeller technology integration for superior thrust
  • Interchangeable blade system adapts to diverse diving scenarios
  • Optimized water flow for energy-efficient dives
  • Resilient flex material ensures blade longevity
  • Ergonomically Tailored Design maximizes comfort and power transfer