JBL Euro Woody

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The Euro. So accurate, all you have to do is point, pull the trigger, and collect your catch

In this series we’ve found the perfect mix of power, weight, and balance. The Euro series features a sleek streamlined integrated muzzle. This is complemented by the integrated dovetail accessory mount that allows for the tool-less installation of accessories such as our Pacific Reel. It also features hydrodynamic angled barrel chamfers to ensure effortless gun movement through water. These spearguns are designed for faster target acquisition while still having enough mass to tame recoil and avoid barrel flex. This all in addition to our legendary M10 3-piece trigger system and ergonomically correct 45° polymer handle. All Euro models feature 9/32” heat treated stainless steel shafts with point and 3″ tuned flopper and Elite Nitro Bands.


  • Solid African Mahogany CNC machined barrel
  • Integrated full spearshaft track for maximum accuracy
  • Hand straightened and tuned 17-4 9/32″ heat treated stainless steel spearshaft with shark fin load tabs
  • Powered by 5/8″ Elite Nitro Bands with triple core Spectra wishbones
  • Integrated open muzzle with shockline directly attached to shaft
  • Integrated dovetail for tool-less accessory installation
  • Fully chamfered barrel for improved sweeping and tracking
  • Silent operation
  • Positively buoyant (without spearshaft loaded)
  • M10 three piece trigger mechanism
  • Ergonomic 45° honeycomb handle
  • Comfortable load pad