JBL Pacific Reel

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The Pacific Reel was designed from the start for landing big game fish. This low-profile, horizontal reel is the perfect companion to any speargun setup. *Select speargun type to which this reel will be mounted. Wood reels come standard with a flat adapter plates, metal reels come with curved plates. Reaper Series and other guns that feature dovetail style accessory mounts do not need adapter plates.


This reel is serious business. Its frame is constructed of heavy duty glass filled polymer and molded on a steel reinforced base. This means you can put the brakes on even the most serious game fish. Our multi-disc drag system allows you to control the fishโ€™s run no matter how hard they pull. Compact body and deep spool design easily accommodates 150ft of JBL shooting line. The oversized, tri-star drag clutch and reel knob make operating a snap even while wearing gloves. Comes with mounting base and anchor screws (no mounting hardware needed for Reaper Series spearguns).


  • Low profile design
  • High visibility drag clutch and reel knob
  • Stainless steel reinforced base and line eyelet
  • Quick disconnect dovetail design