JBL Shaka Roller Carbon Spolespears

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"Big game fish destruction in the palm of your hand". That's what hard core polespear hunters are saying about the Shaka Roller Polespear. Available in 8ft and 9ft lengths these rollers deliver skull crushing power and accuracy. We took the unmatched performance of our unidirectional carbon weave Shaka Polespear and super charged it with roller technology. A pre-tensioned 9/16” (14mm) Compound X band is the power source. It glides on a custom machined self-lubricated roller at the rear. The front is armed with a massive 11/32", 12” heat treated 17-4 injector that's tipped with 4" of 3/8” heat treated destruction we call the harpoon. Fish don't stand a chance against it. All this adds up to make the Shaka Roller the hardest hitting polespear on the market.

Shaka Roller Features:

    •    Self-lubricating roller
    •    RF welded hand strap
    •    Quiet stopper band plug
    •    Harpoon big game slip-tip with 11/32" injector (864)
    •    Stainless Delta Ring for break-away attachment
    •    Unidirectional all carbon design
    •    Maximum stiffness
    •    Stainless weighted head
    •    9/16" High modulus Nitro Band for improved speed and penetration power
    •    Travel case for on the go hunting
    •    6mm male adapter for conventional polespear spearheads
    •    Made in America