TDI Intro to Tech

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Course Information:

The TDI Intro to Tech Course is an introductory course that expands on recreational training by improving dive planning methods, in-water skills, and streamlining existing gear configurations in a controlled and fun learning environment.

The TDI Intro to Tech course introduces students to the world of technical diving. This course is designed as an introductory course to the TDI Advanced Nitrox course and the TDI Decompression Procedures Course. The objective of this course is to familiarize students with technical equipment configurations, to enhance open water diving skills (such as buoyancy, trim, and situational awareness), and to introduce students to advanced gas planning techniques within a no-decompression context. This course is strictly a no-decompression course; students are permitted to use enriched air nitrox (EAN) mixes, provided the gas mix is within their current level of certification.

Florida Dive Company makes it possible for you to complete all of the academic requirements for your certification online. You can get started right now and, when you are done, you will then complete your in-water skill-development sessions.

Course Prerequisites:

  • Minimum age 18, 15 with parental consent
  • Minimum certification: SDI Open Water Scuba Diver or equivalent
  • Proof of 25 logged open water dives

What is included:

  • Semi-Private Class
  • e-Learning Material
  • Same Instructor throughout course
  • In-Water Training
  • Certification Processing
  • Certification Hard Card
  • Digital Certification Card
  • Gear Discounts
  • Dive Club Entry


  • Tips: (Boat crew, Instructor, Dive Master)
  • Personal Gear: Scuba Quality Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Surface Marker Buoy (SMB), Dive Slate. (Take Advantage of your NEW STUDENT DISCOUNT in store)
  • Gear: (BCD, Regulator Set, Wetsuit) Full Equipment list and requirements provided prior to class start 
  • Entry Fees: All Entry fees to dive locations.
  • Transportation to Training Locations or Dive Sites

Required Equipment

  1. Primary cylinder(s) cylinder volume appropriate for diving conditions and diver gas consumption
  2. Primary regulators
    • Primary and alternate second stage required on all primary cylinder(s)
    • Submersible pressure gauges are required on all primary cylinder(s)
  3. Depth gauge and automatic bottom timer and/or dive computer
  4. Buoyancy compensator device appropriate for equipment configuration
  5. Ascent reel with lift bag/surface marker buoy
    • Appropriate for maximum planned depth
    • Lift bag or surface marker buoy with adequate lift and size for the dive environment
  6. Exposure protection appropriate for local diving condition
  7. Slates / Wet Notes

The Florida Dive Company Difference:

We offer smaller class sizes than a typical dive shop. This means you receive the added benefit of a semi- private class at no additional cost. Our reduced class size allows our students to have direct experience with our instructors which we believe produces a more knowledgeable, competent, and confident diver. We do not rush you or your training as we understand the natural progression of learning as each individual learns at different speeds.

We take pride in our instructional methodology and adhere to our course standards all while providing a safe, fun, and memorable learning experience that will last a lifetime.


$500 Semi-Private class per diver
$1000.00 Private class per diver

Typical Class Schedule -
Day 0: Mandatory Orientation (2-4hrs)
Day 1: 3 Dives -
Springs (5-6 hours)