Waterproof W30 MENS Sport Series Fullsuit 2.5mm

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To keep all the divers and multi-sport athletes happy in warmer waters we created the Waterproof Sport Series. High quality suits in Aquatex stretchy and comfortable 2.5mm neoprene with a snug fit and easy to donn and doff. The Waterproof W30 full-suit features a unique and clever gadget, the WPAD™. The WPAD™, or the Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station located on the right hip for attaching our expandable pocket. 

As a disclaimer we must confess that the W30, unfortunately, suffers from the same ailments as our standard collection, it looks smart and it is well constructed, the fit is excellent, and it is probably too comfortable as well. Unfortunately, we can’t help but produce our suits this way.

MATERIAL – Aquatex stretchy neoprene makes the suit extremely comfortable and easy to don and doff. 

SEAMS – Flatlock seams with bonded high quality nylon thread.

BACK-ZIP – High-quality YKK #10 Vislon zipper with stainless steel slider. 

ANATOMICAL FIT – 3D sculpted suit for maximum anatomical fit. All critical parts concerning mobility, like pre-bent arms and legs have been specifically designed to enhance the freedom of movement. 

GENDER – Gender-specific styling – Provides comfortable lift and support for the female diver. 

WPAD™ – The Waterproof Personal Accessory Dock, is an artfully constructed docking station used for attaching our expandable pocket.

KNEE PADS – Polyurethane print on knee pads for enhanced grip and abrasion resistance. 

REINFORCEMENT – Polyurethane print on shoulders and seat provides a non-slip grip and integrated abrasion protection. 

ANTI-SLIP – Polyurethane print on sleeves for keeping your computer in place. 

MOLDED VELCRO TABS – TPE tab with moulded Velcro hooks, for tightening and adjusting the collar, sticks only to the assigned Velcro part.

PLASTIC-FREE PACKAGING – 100% plastic-free packaging in accordance with our vision of no more plastic in the oceans. 

Men 3XS, XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL, 3XL

Ladies 3XS, XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, XXL

Size availability is subject to change without notice. Please contact your Waterproof retailer for availability.